I want to take this time to thank all of the people who cared for me before, during, and after my surgery. Your kind words and encouragement will never be forgotten. Thank you to those who gave me tremendous inspiration, compassion, and provided me the strength to carry on.

In my 15th year of life, I find myself looking at things very differently as a result of my experience. I’m so happy to be alive! I’m also grateful for the courage they supported me in summoning during this difficult time in my life. I now want to pass this on to others. These friends, artists, and athletes are truly inspirational. They helped me shape my journey and new purpose in life. I truly believe that ‘The Fight’s Not Over Yet.’

I want to help others who are not as fortunate as I have been. I feel God has given me a second chance at life and I want to use that wisely. I also want to thank the thousands of people who were praying for me before and during my surgery. Their prayers have not gone unnoticed. They provided me with so much strength & happiness and I am forever grateful.

I will also be donating a significant portion of the proceeds from the sales of my new album to support children through the foundation I established, called ‘The Fight’s Not Over Yet’. Please visit to learn more. – Alexis

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